Recommended Places to Eat Best Seafood in Indonesia No. 1

Fish Wow Chicken

Quoted from One of the best places to eat seafood in Bandung is Fish Wow Chicken. This restaurant, formerly known as Fish Wow Cheeseee, serves a variety of British fish and chip dishes.

Not only fish and chips, Fish Wow Chicken also offers other menus such as fish and spaghetti with triple cheese sauce to fish biryani rice with tartar sauce. Apart from that, there is also a snack menu such as chicken nuggets, calamari to shrimp spring rolls.

The price of the food offered at this very comfortable and quite spacious dining area is not expensive. All the food is priced at a price range of Rp. 15.000,- up to Rp. 60,000, – per portion.

Captain’s Seafood

Captain’s Seafood is on Jalan R.E. Martadinata (Riau) No. 217, near Cafe Bali. The interior design there is very unique, you will feel like you are eating on a giant ship.

The way to order seafood here is that you choose how to cook it first. For example, for clams there are boiled, grilled clams, tauco, and padang sauce. Then select the type of material. For shells there are snow shells, kepa, green, batik, scallops, bamboo, tiger and ax (scallops).

Apart from shellfish, various kinds of seafood are also available here, such as Salted Egg Prawns, Tausi Pete Shrimp, and Chili Gara Squid which cost around Rp. 50 – 60 thousand. For processed fish, the price is calculated per gram. There are grouper, pomfret, kuro, carp, baronang, snapper, stingray, etc. The crabs here are also really recommended, you know. Don’t forget to order, OK?

Miun Village 512

Eating seafood in groups can also be done at the Kampung Miun 512 seafood restaurant. The place is fairly spacious and cozy. The food is also good. The menu choices also vary. There are shrimp, clams, squid and crab with various sauces, seafood platters, lobsters, various fish and other menus such as fried chicken.

You can also order menu packages such as spicy squid packages, honey grilled shrimp, baby tilapia to ema chili chicken rice. If it’s not enough, you can order the Bancakan package which consists of 1 kilogram of crab, fried squid, grilled fish, fuyunghai to green mussels and vegetables served with a variety of sauces that you can choose from.

This bancakan package is offered at a price of Rp. 700,000,’s, but of course it can fill many people’s stomachs until they are full. Interested in trying? Just come directly to the location of Kampung Miun 512 which is on Jalan Pasir Kaliki, No.73, Bandung City.


From the name alone, you can guess what this place sells, all shellfish! For seafood lovers, especially shellfish, it is really mandatory to try eating shellfish here because there are a variety of shellfish with various choices of sauces.

Apart from the large selection of various types of shellfish, the prices offered here can be said to be very affordable, aka cheap compared to other seafood places to eat. For other additions, there is also rice, kale, squid here.

Epi Chef Crab

Don’t claim to be crab lovers if you don’t know Chef Epi. The best crab sellers in Bandung can still be counted on fingers, and Chef Epi occupies the top position when it comes to crabs.

In the past, Chef Epi sold at Papaya Supermarket and there were only 4 tables, but now Chef Epi has his own restaurant with a capacity of 19 tables, aka 90 people! The address is at Sheo Hotel (former Ardjuna Boutique Hotel), Jalan Ciumbuleuit no. 152.

Even though it is famous for its crabs, at Chef Epi there are various other seafood menus. Call it the extraordinary Butter Lobster. As the title suggests, lobster will be cooked with butter seasoning. The additional seasoning includes shallots and garlic which makes the lobster even tastier without losing its original taste.

Lobsters at Chef Epi are sold per gram, for lobsters measuring 300-499 grams/head they are sold at IDR 600,000/kg. Meanwhile, lobsters with a size of 500-600 grams/head are sold for IDR 650 thousand/kg. Apart from butter sauce, you can order other sauces such as black pepper, oyster, salted egg, curry, team, Singapore, or the lobster can also be grilled or fried.

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