Delicious and Popular Swedish Food!

Delicious and Popular Swedish Food!

This country, which is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, Northern Europe, is one of the destinations that many tourists choose to travel. But apart from its destinations, Sweden is also a good place for culinary delights.

Are you interested in trying Swedish specialties? Come on, take a look at some of the famous Swedish food variants below.


Kotbullar is a Swedish food that is very popular and is often recommended for tasting by tourists. This food is a kind of meatball with a brown color and has a slightly crunchy and soft texture.

Recipes from Kotbullar are believed to have existed since 1754/. Kotbullar or Swedish meatballs are served not with gravy, but with a special Swedish sauce. The sauce called lingonberry is made from red berries which have a sour taste.

In addition to lingonberry sauce, Kotbullar meatballs are also complemented by a salad of cucumber or red cabbage, creamy mashed potatoes. Complementary to the Kotbullar dish, of course, the meatballs, which are a Swedish specialty, are very tasty and delicious.


If you are on vacation in one of these corners of Europe, try to taste their special sausage. Prinskrov is made from processed and seasoned pork and veal.

Prinskrov can be a very interesting dish for you to try. Even though it’s just a sausage, this simple Prinskrov has quite a distinctive aroma and taste.

Prinskrov goes especially well with mustard. But for local people, Prinskrov is one of the dishes that is often on the menu at midsummer parties. Usually served with Janssons frestelse or Swedish casseroles.

Korv Stroganoff

The typical Swedish food that you can enjoy next is Korv Stroganoff. This dish is one of the popular menus which is also known as beef stroganoff.

The menu on the Korv Stroganoff website features sausages prepared by cooking them using a mixture of onions, chopped tomatoes, and creme fraiche or sour cream. This local cuisine is one of the favorite menus that children like. But even adults can still enjoy the delights of Korv Stroganoff.


The menu, which is one of the typical Swedish dishes, is a dish made from potatoes. Raggmunk is a classic Swedish pancake made with potatoes, milk, flour, eggs and butter.

Raggmunk is a dish that can be enjoyed with a variety of side dishes such as sliced beef, bacon, lingoberry jam. Not only that, these potato pancakes from Sweden are also known as a dish that is often enjoyed during winter or during Christmas celebrations.


Kaldolmar are stuffed cabbage rolls and are a Swedish specialty. This food is one of the traditional menus that you can enjoy while there. Kaldolmar is a type of favorite dish that is enjoyed by local people.

Inside the cabbage rolls will be filled with minced meat mixed with onions, eggs and their special seasoning. Once the cabbage is stuffed, the next step is to cook the Kaldolmar by roasting it until it is lightly browned.

Once fully cooked, Kaldomar will be served with a sauce made of cream, flour and seasoned with a special concoction of the Swedish kitchen. Not only that, Kaldolmar is also served with boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes which are often added with lingonberry sauce.

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