Many Civil Servants Stumble Over Drug Cases, KASN Signs a Prevention MoU with BNN

Many Civil Servants Stumble Over Drug Cases, KASN Signs a Prevention MoU with BNN

Chairman of the State Civil Apparatus Commission (KASN), Agus Pramusinto, and Head of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), Petrus Reinhard Golose, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the BNN Lido office, Bogor, Thursday (18/11/2021). The signing was carried out as a form of prevention and eradication of drug abuse which is rife among ASNs. For complete information, please visit us.

The chairman of the KASN views the importance of efforts to foster and supervise drug abuse within the scope of ASN. Because if this is not the case, it will hinder the realization of a world-class bureaucracy. “The dream of realizing civil servants who have integrity and professionalism and efforts to fulfill the grand design vision of Indonesia’s bureaucratic reform, namely creating a world-class bureaucracy, will face serious obstacles if the bureaucracy is infected with drug addicts,” explained Agus.

Agus continued, through the signing of this memorandum of understanding, KASN will try to become a strategic partner of BNN in preventing and eradicating drug abuse among ASNs. In addition, KASN is also committed to encouraging the realization of ASN management based on a merit system within the National Narcotics Agency.

Meanwhile, by signing the MoU between the two parties, the Head of BNN hopes to minimize drug abuse by ASN. This will be a soft power approach so that ASN can produce zero tolerance for narcotics.

“I thank KASN. (Signing) of this MoU is a joint commitment in order to carry out Presidential Instruction Number 2 of 2020 concerning the National Action Plan for the Prevention and Eradication of Narcotics Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (P4GN) of drugs,” said the Head of BNN.

“KASN as a state institution that has the function of supervising the implementation of basic norms, codes of ethics and codes of conduct for ASN, is expected to influence and shape positive paradigms and attitudes as well as a productive spirit of life so that ASN never think or intend to abuse narcotics,” he added.

The Mayor of Berau City Asks the Young Generation to Stay Away from Drugs

The Wabup also invited the young generation of Bumi Batiwakkal to declare war on drugs. Prevention and eradication of drug abuse must be carried out by involving all elements of society, especially the younger generation. Deputy Regent Agus Tantomo said this when giving directions to dozens of students participating in the selection of Berau Regency squad members who took a urine test at the Berau Youth and Sports Service Office, Wednesday (11/4).

The danger of drugs, emphasized the deputy district head, continues to threaten this nation, especially the younger generation, to destroy the future of this nation. Not only drugs, the Wabup also asked the younger generation of Berau to avoid smoking and abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages.

“We must avoid this, because once you fall into drugs it will damage the future of the younger generation who are the next generation of this nation,” he said.

The students who were selected to take part in the selection of paskibra candidates were not only asked to bring the good name of Berau to a bigger stage, but also to bring the good name of their families and schools. Becoming a drug-free generation, continued the Vice Regent, must be made a joint commitment. Be a good role model and together with the government continue to campaign for the prevention and eradication of drugs. “You are the chosen young generation and are a source of pride, so you must also become role models and role models for the younger generation,” he said.

The dreams you dream of must be prepared from an early age. But that hope, emphasized the deputy district chief, will be shattered when he falls for drugs.

Deputy Regent Agus Tantomo also provided tips for the younger generation to be free from drugs, including by carrying out various positive activities. Through organizations in the school environment and in the community, be it through religious activities, social activities, including paskibra activities and other activities such as sports, scouts, and the arts.

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