Typical Indian Food which is Famous

Typical Indian Food which is Famous for its Delicious Taste

Typical Indian food can be found anywhere, not only in India. For those of you who are curious about Indian food, there are many choices of Indian food that you can try. Starting from food with a full menu, street food snacks, snacks, and so on. If you are curious about the taste of food originating from India, you can see some of these suggestions. There are foods that are sweet, spicy, and especially savory. Of course you can get food that fits the tongue. Here are some delicious food options originating from India.


Paratha or parata is a typical Indian food which is also known as roti canai in Malaysia. This unleavened bread is golden brown in color and has a layer that results from a mixture of flour, water, butter and salt. Serving parata usually accompanied by yogurt or meat and vegetable curry. tasteofindiagrill

Biryani Rice

Biryani is one of the typical Indian dishes which serves the main dish in the form of rice. Indian food in the form of rice is cooked using Indian spices and combined with additional vegetables or meat. The process of making this food is very unique. The selected rice is washed and boiled in a pot without seasoning. After the rice is half cooked, the rice is mixed with the seasoned broth which is then left in a closed pot until cooked and the broth absorbs into the rice. When it is cooked, then it is added with complementary side dishes such as various meats and vegetables. Biryani is not only found in India. South Asian regions such as Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka also have this dish. In Indonesia and Malaysia, Biryani rice is also quite popular. Usually found in typical Middle Eastern restaurants.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is also one of the Indian foods that is quite global. It is named Tandoori chicken because the manufacturing process is called tandoori. Tandoori itself is a way of cooking food ingredients by using spices that make them seep into the ingredients and then bake them in a tandoori oven at very high temperatures or can reach 300 degrees Celsius.

The high temperature used for grilling, so most chicken is skewered using a long iron. It becomes very delicious because it uses seasonings that are smeared on the chicken such as mustard oil, garam musala, powdered salt, yogurt, chili powder, coriander powder, cumin seasoning, and a special Indian spice called kasoori methi.


Indian food that is usually used as a snack that is no less delicious is samosa. If you look at it, the appearance of this samosa is similar to Indonesian pastels. The difference is, except that the pastel has a semicircular shape, the samosa is a triangle. Samosa is an Indian food that offers a savory taste with a crunchy texture. Apart from having an original or savory taste, now samosas have been modified so that they have many different flavors, such as chocolate and milk.

This Indian food is also very easy to find in Indonesia. Several typical Middle Eastern restaurants often provide this samosa. In restaurants in Indonesia, most samosas serve savory and sweet flavors. But there are also mixed with cheese and onions.

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