Tom Yum, Typical Thai Food Most Tried by Indonesians

Tom Yum, Typical Thai Food Most Tried by Indonesians

Tom Yum, pizza, croissants and nasi lemak are the foods most Indonesians try before traveling to these countries. Based on a Cookpad survey, the main tourist destinations for Indonesians are Thailand (13 percent), Italy (12 percent), France (11%) and Malaysia (9%).

Currently, visiting tourist attractions, both at home and abroad, is incomplete if you don’t explore local culinary delights. Apart from exploring the origins directly, it turns out that many Indonesians try to cook the typical food of the destination country at home before traveling.

Cookpad conducts a survey of potential travelers’ habits. And did you know that when planning a vacation, Indonesians choose to cook culinary delights from international holiday destinations before they visit them.

The Cookpad survey results show that 59 percent of Indonesians have cooked international recipes from the destinations they want to visit. Meanwhile, 77 percent of Indonesians would cook international recipes for their dream vacation destination if the ingredients were available.

“The interesting fact is that it turns out that Indonesians are more interested in visiting Asian countries as holiday destinations. We found that Thai dishes are the most requested recipes to try, such as tom yum soup,” said Soegianto, CEO of Cookpad Indonesia in Jakarta in a press release.

In Indonesia, tom yum (Thai food), pizza (Italy), croissants (France), and nasi lemak (Malaysia) are not hard to find foods. Many restaurants in Indonesia provide these menus, or we can make them ourselves.

The survey was conducted on 638 Indonesian respondents through all Cookpad social media channels in December 2022. Culinary exploration is the first step to understanding a culture. Understanding a culture can be done by cooking.
According to him, this method allows a person to get a deeper cultural experience.

“More than meeting our needs, what we eat and with whom we eat can inspire and strengthen bonds between individuals, communities and even countries,” said Soegianto.

In light of the survey findings, Cookpad released a new free feature that connects global users and offers cooking inspiration with daily authentic recipes from the Cookpad international community and don’t forget to visit our site for more interesting information by click here

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