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Uni life has a number of defining features. It’s a time of great personal growth when you chart your path in the world and develop new friendships. It’s also a time when most people are just starting out financially and may not have much money behind them.
Starting an entrepreneurial venture during your university studies can earn you a little extra money that will make your experience far more comfortable and offer excitement and valuable real-world experience. Not to mention the invaluable experience in the business!

Here we’ve gathered together of the best small business ideas for students, from the most basic and simple, to some that, if done well, have the potential to change the course of your life.
But, before we offer up the inspiration, let’s first find out why business ideas for students can prove to be so beneficial.

Benefits Of Starting a Business As Student

Why should you consider starting a business as a student? There are a number of reasons:

Experimentation: Uni is a time for experimentation. Because you are yet to officially begin your professional career, you can try things out and see what you like.

Trade theory for practice: As a student entrepreneur you’ll trade theory-heavy studies for the real world. There’s nothing quite as enlightening as practical experience.

Learn new skills: Starting your own venture will see you develop a wealth of hard skills (sales, accounting, marketing, industry-specific skills) and soft skills (delegation, negotiation, leadership, empathy) that can prove super valuable in your post-uni career.

Build a network: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know, or so the saying goes. By starting your own business during uni you’ll begin building a professional network that could open some serious doors after you graduate.

Bulk up your resume: A common issue that students face post-graduation is a desire for experience – the first step into your professional life is often the hardest to take. If you run your own business, however, you can fill out your resume with all the skills and knowledge you’ve built up over the journey.

Work around your studies: A normal 9-5 isn’t an option for most uni students, who have to work around their study schedules. Thankfully as a business owner you can largely choose your own hours!

More money: We’ve saved the most tempting benefit for last. More money means less budgeting, less saying no to fun, a diet less reliant on two-minute noodles. You could even begin to chew through your student debt if you’re savvy!

What are some examples of business ideas for students? Here are 20 of the most compelling ideas for the university entrepreneur.

1. Tutoring

Perhaps the most organic of all the entrepreneurial options on this list, tutoring is a natural place for a uni student to start their professional life. If you got good grades for particular subjects, whether in primary, secondary or tertiary education, you can offer help to students who are following your path.

2. Childcare

Do you love spending time with kids? Parents always need help with childcare, whether during their work hours, or while they have fun on the weekend Making babysitting and childcare a fun and perfectly flexible earning option for uni students.

3. Pet sitting

Perhaps you find fur babies cuter than the humankind – if that’s the case, pet sitting may well be the job for you! Other pet-centric business ideas include dog walking and pet grooming.

4. Cleaning

Are you the sort of person who gets joy from transforming a space from dirty to clean? Cleaning, both in the commercial or residential spheres, can be a nice little earner, while also offering uni students the flexibility that they need.

5. Personal shopping

You might presume that personal shopping is a decidedly Hollywood career, but it might be more common than you think! If you have an eye for fashion and a talent for picking outfits for others, this could be the job for you. The biggest challenge is in finding that first client.

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