These are 5 Advantages of Car Rental while on Vacation in Jogja

These are 5 Advantages of Car Rental while on Vacation in Jogja

Have a vacation plan in Jogja? If so, then you have to prepare means of transportation to explore this city.

Renting a car can be the right choice, especially if you are bringing friends or family members on vacation. Car rental services in Jogja are also not difficult for you to find plus there are various benefits that you can enjoy if you rent a car during your vacation

1. More Free Travel

Reporting from, you can feel the freedom of traveling by using a rental car. Just imagine if you have to use public transportation everywhere, you might not be free to choose a destination.

There may be places that are not reached by public transportation. You feel less free to determine which destinations you want to visit.

Another case if you rent a car. It’s as if you brought a private car so you can travel more freely.

You can be more flexible in choosing the destination you want to visit with friends or family.

You also don’t need to be fixated on the operating hours of public transportation. This will make your holiday experience so much more enjoyable.

2. Practical and Efficient

Of course, using a rental car is much more practical and efficient than public transportation. Practical because you can bring the car yourself with friends and family without any rules from other parties.

You can travel more freely without being tied to other people who operate public transportation.

Besides that, renting a car can also be more efficient because you can choose the type of car that best suits your needs.

So you can rent any type of car with a capacity according to the number of people on vacation. If you bring enough people, it is more efficient to use a rental car than having to use public transportation.

In addition, your time also feels more efficient. You can save more time by using a rental vehicle. No need to wait for the departure time or operating hours of public transportation.

You can set the departure and return times as you like without having to wait too long so you can spend your time efficiently.

3. Can Be More Cost-Effective

If you take costs into account, it could be that the cost of renting a car is more affordable than when using public transportation. But this needs to be calculated carefully.

You have to try to calculate the amount of expenses if you use public transportation. Then compare it with the car rental costs that must be incurred plus the cost of gasoline or fuel for the car.

Usually, the cost of renting a car is much more affordable, especially if you rent it in the right place. Especially if you travel quite far and want to go to many destinations.

Plus if there are many people who come on vacation. If you are on vacation with friends, the costs can be much cheaper because the rental costs are shared equally and shared.

4. Feel More Comfortable

Of course traveling using a rental car is much more comfortable than using public transportation. This rental car seems to be your personal car while on vacation.

You can drive it like your own car and are free to travel anywhere. Apart from that, you can also freely open the windows or do other things that can make the trip feel comfortable.

This is very important to consider, especially if you are bringing children on vacation. Children definitely need comfortable means of transportation so they can enjoy the trip.

So it’s better to rent a car than having to bother using public transportation which feels uncomfortable, especially for children.

5. Much Safer and Flexible

In terms of security, using a rental car is also much safer than public transportation. When on vacation, you not only need to consider comfort but also security.

If you use a rental car, security is more controlled because you are using it yourself. It’s different from public transportation where there are many other people who use it.

Flexibility when traveling is also much better if you use a rental car. When using public transport, you have to follow their route and often can’t be flexible.

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