The Most Authentic Italian Restaurant in Jakarta

The Most Authentic Italian Restaurant in Jakarta

Italian cuisine is definitely one of the most popular cuisines in Indonesia. Who doesn’t like pasta or spaghetti? Italian restaurants in Jakarta are quite mushrooming. Italian food lovers don’t have to travel all the way to the country to sample authentic dishes that taste authentic. Many Italian restaurants in Jakarta serve premium quality menus. Don’t hesitate to come if you’re curious.

1. Bottega Ristorante

If you want to enjoy Italian food in a restaurant with a beautiful interior, you can visit Bottega Ristorante in SCBD. This Italian restaurant in Jakarta has Penne Alla Vodka. You will be spoiled with Penne Pasta cooked with Vodka Marinara and delicious pieces of salmon. The sauce is so delicious, the character of the vodka is enough to be on the tongue. additional info

2. Osteria Gia

A glass of good wine will be the perfect conversation partner for you and your partner while dining at Osteria Gia. This Italian restaurant in Jakarta has menus that pamper your tongue.

One of them is Burrata e Peperonata with a sprinkling of pickled capsicum and raisin. School Prawn Crostini is worth a try because it is served with crispy toast which is crunchy in the mouth. The atmosphere of a typical Italian restaurant for dinner events will be perfect.

3. Pizza Marzano

Don’t forget to visit Pizza Marzano if you’re around Kemang. This area, which is famous for its varied culinary delights, includes an Italian restaurant. Pizza lovers will definitely like it because apart from being affordable, the taste is really authentic. Even though the dough is thin, it’s always chewy and melts while you chew. The toppings are not stingy and the size is perfect for sharing with others. That’s great!

4. Pizzeria Cavalese

Another Italian restaurant in Jakarta is Pizzeria Cavalese. Not only pizza, here you can enjoy various Italian specialties such as Pesto con Pollo. Doused with a fragrant and savory sauce, pasta with the right doneness to satisfy.

It feels like a winner. Another simple menu that you can order is Caesar Salad. This menu contains smashed lettuce with baked chicken, smoked beef, eggs, croutons, and grana padano. Perfect as an appetizer.

5. Animale Restaurant

Planning to spend the weekend at an Italian restaurant in Jakarta, just go to Animale Restaurant. Here they serve the best pasta. Formulated from premium ingredients, the taste will not disappoint. Serving pizza includes another level, can make you addicted. Don’t forget to order burrata and various other menus that are no less champions. Guaranteed, you will want to come back again and again here.

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