The Biggest Music Festival in the World

The Biggest Music Festival in the World

The Astroworld music festival in Houston, United States on November 5 2021, killed eight people. The death toll ranged from 14 years to 27 years. A music festival with a crowd of so many people could indeed be a disaster if it is not managed with a good music festival. Quoted from, the following are the biggest music festivals in the world:


Donauinselfest is the biggest open-air festival for music fans around the world. The meeting point was on an island in Vienna along the mighty Danube river. Typically Vienna, it is a three-day festival that connects music and fans. The festival hosts popular local and international artists across Europe. Donauinselfest presents all genres of music: rock, pop, rap, hip-hop, electronic music, folk, metal, blues and reggae. Besides endless grooving and dancing, there are plenty of activities to fill each day. click here

No tickets are needed for this festival, it’s free. This festival is held at the end of June every year. The average attendance is almost 2 million annually/ The festival hosted more than 3 million fans in 2016 and in 2019 the event took place on 13 stages, with 600 hours of music and 17 different themes.


Mawazine means world rhythm. This international music festival is held with the aim of promoting the image and culture of Morocco. Generally, Africans love to party and mawazines provide the best opportunity to express this desire. This festival originated from King Mohammed’s personal secretary. Also, various A-list artists such as Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Iggy Azalea, David Guetta among others have performed on the Mawazine stage.

This festival is held every year in June, in 2013 the festival attracted 2.5 million spectators. The event was held with over 90 acts on seven stages, making Mawazine the festival with the highest ratio of participants per stage in the world.


Summerfest is a Wisconsin music festival, the largest music festival in America. Downtown Milwaukee provides a venue with 12 stages. It hosts more than 800 performances and a thousand shows. All forms of music groove at Summerfest. Also, it’s a great way to explore the various dishes of Milwaukee restaurants.

Summerfest is not just about music, this biggest music festival also features comedy, shopping, fireworks, outdoor games. For just US$20, visitors can get access to this year’s summer festival. This event, which takes place from late June to early July every year, is held at Henry Maier Festival Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. With an average attendance of 850 thousand people every year.

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