Rare and Prestigious! 5 Rare Predator Fish With a Budget Over IDR 3 Million

Rare and Prestigious! 5 Rare Predator Fish With a Budget Over IDR 3 Million

Sultan fish has always been the nickname for expensive fish and is definitely rare in the market. Keeping these fish is definitely a dream for many people because apart from being cool, you will definitely be considered cool if you manage to buy one of the fish in this order.

These predatory fish, which are rare both on the market and in their natural habitat, are becoming very expensive due to the limited stock on the market and their status as endangered animals. The prices in the article are the selling prices for fish that we found in one of the marketplaces.

1. Channa Barca / 25-35 million

This fish, nicknamed ‘King Channa’, is still rare on the market, but several specimens have made it to Indonesia recently.

Priced at around 15-35 million, Channa Barca is the true definition of ranking first in the world of channa. The color is amazing with the appearance of a dashing body. One of the sultan fish circulating in the local market.

2. Lince Catfish / 25 million

If Channa Barca is the most premium in the world of channa, Lince Catfish occupies the same status but in the world of catfish.

Unlike other types of catfish that like to hide, Lince Catfish is a fish that likes to swim. They are active fish who like to move around the tank. So if you want to keep it, prepare a big tank.

3. Alligator Gar Platinum Snow White / 5 million

Alligator Gar is common in almost all fish shops. The image of this fish has become like the fish of a million people. But for a clean white color without stains? Its status changed from an ordinary fish to a million people fish.

Alligator Gar Platinum Snow White is known as a very prestigious large tank dweller. Its pure white color makes this fish definitely stand out in a dark tank.

4. Piramutaba “Brachyplatystoma Vaillantii” / 8.5 million

In the Amazon River, a Piramutaba is not a high-priced fish because they are sold as a consumption fish. It’s only when they are sold abroad as ornamental fish, their prices go up far from usual.

This fish is a type of giant catfish that can grow up to 150cm. They have very long whiskers and are used to moving on the riverbed.

5. Lithodoras Dorsalis / 5 million

This type of spiked catfish is probably the most expensive in its class because it costs 5 million rupiah. Lithodoras Dorsalis is not a common fish found in the local market, therefore the price of this fish is far from being ‘affordable’.

In contrast to Oxydoras Niger and Megalodoras Irwini, which have a unique mouth shape, the mouth shape of this fish is almost the same as other catfish. Because it looks like an ordinary catfish but has a self and body like an armor, this is what makes this fish an exotic pet. Don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by click here

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