Most Popular Bar 

Most Popular Bar

Menteng has become one of the most popular districts in Jakarta — mainly because of its history, which dates back to the Dutch colonial era, but also because it is home to several elite housing plots. The architecture of the building is very similar to that of ancient European houses, exuding a comfortable and classic feel in every inch of the structure. Menteng has witnessed various historical moments over the years; one of them was the creation of the text of the proclamation by our founding fathers: Soekarno and Hatta. visit us

Apart from its unique historical value, Menteng is also home to several common parks in Jakarta. Taman Suropati and Taman Menteng (Taman means garden, in Indonesian) are two of them. Because of this, many choose to join bars in this area — and several venues in Menteng are really popular with local people and young expatriates. Here are five of the best bars in Menteng unless you happen to be in the next area and want to check them out:

Melly’s Garden

Melly’s Garden offers a quick and refreshing alternative break from all the busyness of the city to bask in this Indonesian heritage themed bar. Means? you can enjoy a wide selection of Western to Javanese dishes while sipping your favorite cocktail. Apart from alcohol, this area also sells Indonesian specialty coffee and casual snacks, making it a cool area to hang out with your friends anytime. For those looking for a short break from the bars with loud music or strobe lights, this area is a must visit.

The Jaya Pub

The Jaya Pub, like Menteng, exudes a contemporary feel that dates back to the 80s. Kind of like a European pub at the end of the 20th century, Jaya Pub is proudly known as one of the oldest bars in Jakarta. Because of this, most of their regular customers are people from their late forties to fifties. Old school music fills the air with a nostalgic vibe as visitors are transported to the next era to pass the fatigue.

To say that Jaya Pub is legend would be an understatement. After seeing the stop and go of their competitors before, they are still a preferred destination for some. Making it competitive especially in new nightclubs and modern discotheques.

La Vue Rooftop Bar – The Hermitage

If you feel trapped in the fast lane (and can’t seem to get out) while in Jakarta, why not experience what the ‘fast lane’ feels like from within? At La Vue Rooftop Bar, enjoy Jakarta’s sunset-colored skyline while letting go of the tired and enthusiastic youthful vibe. Fall in love with the city during the sweet transition between sunset and night, when the city lights can be felt to flicker one by one before lighting up all night.

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