Complete Buzz Cut Haircuts with Photo 2023

Complete Buzz Cut Haircuts with Photo 2023

The buzz cut hairstyle is a hairstyle that is able to highlight features on the face well thanks to its neat and concise cut. Therefore, if you are interested in a hairstyle that is simple but still able to give a maximum appearance, a buzz cut haircut is the best choice.

1. A buzz cut fade haircut

According to halochicago Buzz, cut fade is a short hairstyle for modern men with faded sides. There are many fade hair options that can be combined with a buzz cut, such as a low fade cut which can be the best choice for those who intend to try this hairstyle for the first time. In addition, buzz cut fade haircuts also tend to be more flexible than traditional military-style crew cuts.

2. Long buzz cut haircut

This one haircut belongs to the category of dynamic men’s hairstyles and can be applied in many forms. The most popular style is the combination of the crew cut with the long buzz cut which can make a masculine look look natural. If you want a little style, you can also style a long buzz cut with bangs and create the appearance of a caesar haircut or side swept haircut.

3. Undercut buzz cut haircut

If the usual buzz cut looks too monotonous for you, try experimenting and combining it with undercuts. By trimming the sides and back of your hair, and leaving your top hair a bit long, you can achieve an undercut buzz cut look.

4. Buzz cut taper haircut

Want to try a buzz cut hairstyle but don’t want to expose your scalp clearly? If so, then the buzz cut taper is the right hairstyle for you to apply. Generally, a buzz cut taper will incorporate a cut that is short but leaves a bit of hair at the bottom. This hairstyle is suitable for a professional look because it looks sleek, neat and masculine at the same time.

5. Induction buzz cut haircut

This men’s haircut is also known as a military cut that is commonly used by soldiers. This hairstyle is the shortest of all the buzz cut hairstyles and is also the most practical to maintain.

6. Burr buzz cut haircut

Slightly longer than the induction haircut, the burr buzz cut is actually the safest choice for men who are not confident about appearing with a military cut. The thing that needs to be considered with this one hairstyle is that the maintenance is quite difficult and needs to be done constantly to keep the hair from growing too long.

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