7 Advantages of Staying at a Homestay Compared to a Hotel When Traveling

7 Advantages of Staying at a Homestay Compared to a Hotel When Traveling

When on vacation, lodging accommodations are a major consideration. Budget and facilities determine which one we will choose.

There are various types of accommodation to choose from. Not only hotels, there are villas, motels, hostels, aparthotels, resorts, guest houses, to homestays. Compared to other types of lodging, homestays have several advantages for staying overnight when traveling, especially when it’s crowded.

What are the advantages? Come on, see the review below!

1. The cost of staying is more affordable

Budget is one of the main determinants when choosing lodging. So, compared to hotels, the cost of staying at a homestay is more pocket-friendly.

Homestay is a resident’s house that rents several rooms in it. Homestay facilities also depend on what the home owner provides.

2. Make new acquaintances

Staying in a homestay allows us to interact with residents or other tourists. The atmosphere is more friendly and family. So have a lot of new friends, deh.

3. Can be used for large groups

Usually homestays are chosen as an alternative lodging for groups. Besides being able to accommodate large numbers of people, all group members can gather under one roof. If you want to play games together or have a barbecue, it’s even better.

4. Not only breakfast, you also get dinner

When staying at a hotel, we usually get breakfast facilities. At the homestay, we can get breakfast and dinner. So you don’t have to worry about where to eat anymore.

5. Get to know tourist destinations more deeply

This is another advantage that you won’t get if you stay at a hotel. When choosing a homestay, you will meet the owner of the house or other tourists as neighbors.

Well, this is the right time to chat and find information about the tourist destinations that you will visit. From the locals, you can get more accurate and reliable information about your destination.

6. Solo travelers will not feel lonely

Even if you want to vacation alone, it won’t be a problem. Arriving at the homestay, you won’t feel lonely.

Make sure the homestay you are going to stay in opens rooms to the public. The reason is, many homestays rent out at package prices. This means that you stay for one person or even 15 people, the price is still the same.

7. Checkout hours are more flexible

If you stay at a hotel, you will be reminded by the receptionist when your stay is almost up. Although sometimes we can ask for a late checkout.

If you’re in a homestay, you can negotiate with the homeowner yourself. If a good relationship has been established, of course the home owner will not mind if you do a late checkout for a long time and don’t forget to get other interesting information by visit us

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