5 Typical Egyptian Foods Rich in Spices

5 Typical Egyptian Foods Rich in Spices

The energy that the Egyptian national team has deployed at the 2018 World Cup last night apparently has not been able to beat its rival, Saudi Arabia. Losing narrowly with a score of 2-1, gave rise to feelings of sadness and disappointment for loyal supporters of the country nicknamed ‘The Country of the Pyramids’.

However, there’s no need to be discouraged, to revive the enthusiasm that was eroded last night, you can cheer yourself up by tasting some of the mouth-watering traditional Egyptian menus. With a series of Middle Eastern restaurants spread across various regions in the country, you can enjoy dishes from the Pyramid Country which are rich in spices. So, what typical Egyptian food should you try? Here’s the review:

1. Kushari

Quoting from https://www.kebabhouseli.com/ Kushari is a traditional Egyptian dish consisting of a mixture of rice, pasta, tomato sauce, onions, peanuts, chickpeas and garlic. Although made from many ingredients, this dish has a delicious taste and texture. Kushari is very easy to find along the streets of Egypt, and is often served as a meal at any time of the day.

2. Ta’meya

Ta’meya is one of the favorite foods of the Egyptian people, made from simple ingredients, in the form of mashed fried fava beans, ta’meya is often served as a breakfast menu. Yes, by using main ingredients that are rich in fiber and healthy, no doubt ta’meya is always chosen as a meal to start the day. To add flavor, this dish will be served with sauce and fresh vegetables.

3. Mulukiya

Then there is muluhkia, a traditional dish of the Pyramids Country which is made from a mixture of hemp leaves, garlic, and coriander leaves that are mashed. As a side dish, Egyptians usually serve muluhkia with rice or bread, along with various side dishes such as chicken, beef or fish. Served on a bowl in hot conditions, muluhkia is delicious served as a lunch or dinner menu.

4. Hawashi

Hawashy is a type of toasted bread dish made of flatbread dough filled with minced beef which is baked in the oven until the surface turns golden brown. Having a crunchy texture, hawashy is usually served as a snack menu for the Egyptians during their spare time. Apart from meat fillings, hawashy is often created with various other fillings such as sausage, chicken or vegetables. To enjoy it, pickled vegetables and spicy chili sauce will also be served with the dish.

5. Iskandarani’s Mother

Having a shape and appearance that resembles a typical American hot dog, iskandarani kebda is made from elongated wheat bread, then filled with kushari or stir-fried savory and soft macaroni. Easily found in the Alexandria area, this dish will be added with a sprinkling of black pepper and lemon juice to enrich the taste. If you want an Iskandarani dish that is different from usual, you can also add a grilled sausage to it.

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