5 Types of Japanese Dog Breeds that are Famous in the World

5 Types of Japanese Dog Breeds that are Famous in the World

Apart from their very cute and funny looks, each type of Japanese dog has very unique characteristics, such as the Japanese Chin dog, which easily gets along with everyone, and they can even be friends with cats.

For those of you who are curious about what types are liked by Japanese people and even the world, here is a complete review of the types of dog breeds that are liked in Japan.

1. Japanese Chin (Japanese Spaniel)

Japanese Chin dogs (狆) breed in Asia, they have been human companions for approximately a thousand years.

This dog was very popular in the imperial palaces of China and Japan. This dog has an elegant and small appearance, is very light and very fun, very suitable for those of you who want a human friend who can be carried everywhere, there is not much food for this dog. Eat

2. Japanese Akita (Akitu Ino Great Japanese Dog)

The Japanese Akita dog or Akita Inu (秋田犬), is a breed of Japanese dog. The official name of this dog is Akita Inu. Outside the Akita prefecture, this large dog is called the Akita Ken.

This dog is a new type of dog and was only recognized as a dog breed when 100 years ago, the Akita has extraordinary hunting abilities, because of its size and courage, this dog is an excellent hunter. The game is wild boar, large deer, and the large Yezo bear in Akita province.

3. Kai Ken (Tora Dog)

The Kai Ken Dog (甲斐犬) or known as Ken Kai, Toda Dog, is a dog originating from Japan which is a national treasure and has been bred in Japan for centuries, this dog can be said to be very rare, a medium sized dog with a head wedge-shaped and pointed ears.

This dog’s striped pattern makes it famous. The bushy head, erect ears, and thick fur of the Kai Ken are reminiscent of other Japanese breeds, such as the Shiba Inu and Akita, and indeed, the Kai Ken shares many of their characteristics. . Loyal and fearless, this breed will dedicate itself to its family members, protecting them at all costs.

4. Japanese Terrier (Nippon Terrier, Nihon Teria)

The Japanese Terrier (日本テリア) is a Japanese breed of dog, a dog that is smaller than the usual Terrier, it is believed that this type of dog is descended from the Fox Terrier, Pointer and Japanese Native Dogs. This dog is also known as the Nippon Terrier, which is considered very rare, even in Japan itself.

This Japanese Terrier has a characteristic black head with a predominantly white body and has black spots, with a height of 8 to 13 inches (to the shoulder) and weighing 5 to 9 pounds, its ears are high and fold forward.

5. Sakhalin Husky (Karafuto Kein)

The Sakhalin Husky dog known as the Karafuto-Ken (樺太犬), is a breed of dog that was previously used as a sled dog, but is now nearly extinct.

Karafuto-ken or also called Karafuto, the Japanese names are Sakhalin and Ken, this dog breed is very rare, in 2011 there were only 2 members of this dog breeder still in Japan, the only remaining breeder was Rema Sergey Lyubykh, located in the village of Nivkh Nekrasovka, died in 2012, but before his death stated that there were no longer enough living specimens of the breed to allow for the genetic diversity necessary for sustainable breeding for breeders and don’t forget to visit our site for information other interesting ways click here

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