5 Most Delicious Famous Traditional Japanese Foods

5 Most Delicious Famous Traditional Japanese Foods

So, who really likes Japanese food, maybe you only know Japanese food such as sushi, sashimi, Udon, Ramen and Matcha. So, this time I will share articles about traditional Japanese foods that many of you don’t know about. Here are 25 of the most delicious famous traditional Japanese foods that you must try when you are in Japan or when you are at a Japanese restaurant in Indonesia, guys. Japanese food is famous for being the most delicious according to eatmgm.com

1. Domburimono

This first culinary dish is traditional Japanese food which is very famous in Japan and is really delicious food and you must try it. This Domburimono consists of rice covered with chicken, boiled eggs, pickles, tofu soup, boiled beef, and usually topped with fried shrimp called Tendon or pork called Katsudon. This Domburimono has a savory, fresh, taste. and of course delicious. The price for 1 bowl of Domburimono is very affordable and you can find it in Japanese restaurants in Indonesia that sell traditional Japanese food.

2. Okonomiyaki

This food is no less popular than Domburimono, this culinary dish has a savory taste because it consists of vegetables, seafood, minced meat, typical Japanese spices, and is mixed together and then cooked on a frying pan. After it’s cooked, it’s usually topped with mayonnaise, nori, crab and the taste of this okomiyaki makes anyone addicted, guys, it’s top marko top!!! To find Okonomiyaki, it is usually sold in small Japanese shops, and is very hard to find in Indonesia, so when you go on holiday to Japan, you really have to try Yummy Japanese Okonomiyaki!!!

3. Yokitori

Yokitori is almost the same as satay because it consists of pieces of chicken, heart, liver and bones that are cooked by grilling. The taste of Yokitori is very sharp and very delicious. The seasoning for this yokitori consists of garlic, shallots, A vegetable that is almost similar to paprika is called Piman. To find Yokitori, you can find it in restaurants that sell Japanese food and Yokitori is usually a snack to accompany you when enjoying a cup of warm drink.

4. Teriyaki

Maybe the name of this one is really popular, teriyaki is a sauce consisting of soy sauce (Shofu), teriyaki sauce (Tare), and granulated sugar, so do you know why it is called Teriaki? because jeraki has the meaning of shining, well because jeraki is filled with sugar and has a shining color, that’s why it is called teriyaki.

Well guys, teriyaki is a seasoning that is usually used before grilling, and teriyaki is usually used to season salmon, tuna, marlin, trout and usually in Japan teriyaki uses beef, chicken, pork and squid. -big squid. As for the taste, don’t doubt it because it’s really delicious, guys!!! Finding teriyaki is quite easy in Indonesia, there are lots of delicious teriyaki sellers, especially in big and famous Japanese restaurants.

5. Dorayaki

If you hear about this food, you will definitely remember the Doraemon cartoon, guys, Doraemon usually really likes to eat dorayaki, well, did you know that this cute food is a traditional Japanese food known as Wagashi, the shape of this cake is round and in the middle of this cake is filled with delicious red bean butter. The texture of this dorayaki is very soft, because it consists of dough mixed with honey.

It’s quite easy because in Indonesia there are a lot of dorayaki sellers, guys, usually in Indonesia you can find dorayaki with cheese or chocolate flavors. The price of this dorayaki is still affordable and pocket friendly.

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